Darker Days- sometimes fun to work in the dark.


Finally I am posting images from last years Comic-Con 2007.
I look forward to this year at the Con for the second year.


It looks like we have a booth after all. Now it's time to get busy. Plenty of irons in the fire- just need to finish. Also plan to make my own prints- learning curve on that. And I bought a domain name for a website months ago- it needs finished work and general construction. Hey with a blog, who needs a website?


I enjoyed learning from a tutorial of Feng Zhu's website. I am truely inspired by his work. He is a great designer.


I am still gearing up for Comi-con
working on new pieces. This is a
banner to be displayed at the Con
in July -yet we found out that we
might not get a booth!
Ouch! It's very full and we are on
a waiting list. We will know by the
end of March. Meanwhile, I'm
collecting work for my website-
to be posted soon.


This is the year and into 2007 that I get my work out there and shown as much as possible. I'm looking forward to a collaborative project with friends which we will take us and our work to Comi-con 2007. That is our plan, and we have begun. . .

. . . more to follow. . . I also plan to post a new website of work.


This image is a symbol to me of when I truly
began painting in Photoshop. I was just quick
sketching on a wacom tablet.


A traditional piece I created working at a game company
'Cloud 9' years ago. We scanned in all the art, but for me
it was the beginning of my digital/gaming experience.
For a site of my commercial work visit: juliusnorman.wordpress.com